Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 2 of the Best of my Life: "That was then. This is now"

Note: I DO NOT own that image. All rights reserved to TobyMac.

"That was then, this is now You’re bought by the blood, saved by the Son the saints all sing about That was lost, this is found And it’s time to say goodbye to the old you now"

I have always loved Josh Wilson and his powerful and uplifting lyrics and this song perfectly ties into this blog. 

We are not bound to our past. It's "the past" for a reason because what has been done cannot be changed, though we all have had moments where we wished we could change our past. Why though do we feel like this? Well we have all done things we regret; however, we do not have to keep score anymore. 

Jesus paid for all of our sins, even those we may regret by his blood. Through Him we are saved. "We have been remade by grace," as Josh Wilson states in his song. It's the truth.

"So go ahead, put the past in the past Box it up like an old photograph You don’t have to go back ‘Cause that was then and this is....NOW!"

We all should put the past behind us and move on. Learn from our mistakes but do NOT let them control you. Why stress over something that you cannot change? It is really silly and will take away your energy when you do so. 

I have been choosing to forgive and forget my past. Yes, those who know me very well will know I have been through a LOT of hurt and pain. However, my past shaped who I have become and although I sometimes wish I did not have a harsh life, I was given one for a reason. If not for my past, there is NO WAY I would be where I am at today.

My past was something I had to learn and grow away from and moving on was and still is very hard for me. There are days I break down and cry over it, asking "God why did you give me a horrible life?!"

Yet it was NOT HORRIBLE! It was HARD but not HORRIBLE. Without that pain, I would not see love, grace, and true happiness. 

Lately, I have been proactive about my health and mental health. I HAVE to else, I would keep breaking down. With that said, the most IMPORTANT change I have been proactive about is my Spiritual Health. Yes, to me that is a real thing. Without God, I am NOTHING!

He created me, not the other way around, and as my Heavenly Father, he knows what is best for me. He know's what is best for you too, even if you cannot see it, nor feel him with you. God has never left any of us. We CHOOSE to either follow him or deny him. He gave us that Free Will for a reason, and it hurts him MORE when his Children turn away from him, hate him, yell in anger at him.

We all love to raise our fists to Heaven and scream "WHY GOD?! WHY?!"

We can be the change in this cruel world if we DO NOT let our past rule our future. Put it behind you and move on and then you will see how beautiful life can really be.

So with that said, have a Blessed Sunday and Keep the PAST IN THE PAST!