Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 1 of the Rest of my Life: We need Jesus

As this song implies, we need Jesus to free us from the burden of our sins so that we can live our lives to our full potential. But before I dive into how that song has become one of my new favorite songs, I should mention briefly my journey to Christ.

I have always considered myself a Christian, however, most of my life I never fully lived like one, until recently when my world began to crash once more. I felt severe depression creep up on me to the point where I loathed myself and wondered why I was even here on Earth? Was God even real? I wondered those questions and more until one day at my weakest, I tried to commit suicide and failed. Then, a few weeks later I tried again. After the second time I failed I realized that that is not the answer either, and I felt trapped in a world that scared me to death, and even I could not achieve that much on my own.

I started to realize that I needed Christ back in my life and this time, fully accept him into my heart. Back in June I finally cried out to Jesus and asked for his help and since then I have been noticing my life getting better, starting with loving myself.

Now, I look back and am glad I failed attempting suicide twice because how my life is going now it's well worth living and living it for God. He gave me many talents like writing, baking/cooking, strong computer skills, and even the blessing of feeling happy when I can make others happy and smile. I want to use my talents along with my education in computers, and future education in nursing to become a missionary nurse. 

The best part, I have my foot in the door already to become a missionary nurse as I work at a medical clinic as a receptionist and that clinic is a Christian based clinic that still goes on mission trips! What a blessing in disguise, or at least I didn't see it until recently.

My name is Sarah, which means princess, so therefore, I am a Princess of Christ and today is day one of my blog that will detail many aspects of my life, past, present, and future, and how it made me who I am today or who I want to be through Christ who gives me strength. ♥